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Kawasaki Robotics, a Japanese robot manufacturer with its EMEA headquarters in Germany, chooses Danish marketing agency for advertising in Germany

Kawasaki Robotics EMEA, with headquarters in Neuss, Germany, is a leading global supplier of industrial robots and robotic automation systems, covering a wide range of applications around the world. With more than 50 years of robot experience and an extensive portfolio, Kawasaki supplies robots to all industries from semicon to automotive.

Marc Kluge Team Leader Marketing hos Kawasaki Robotics

Det siger Kawasaki Robotics om samarbejdet:
"If we go back just 2 years before the pandemic hit, our usage of digital marketing and lead generation was rather limited. We have mostly focused on offline marketing and organic, content-driven marketing. But now, with the right partner, we have put ourselves in a favourable position within marketing. We are generating online leads for the sales department, and we intensively strive to build our brand. It is a strong extension of our sales channels and a benefit to our traditional way of working."


Kawasaki Robotics is, somehow, new to digital marketing. They have primarily focused on organic marketing and haven’t spent much time or budget on their paid media efforts. But Marc Kluge, Team Leader Marketing, could definitely see the potential for brand building and lead generation in the hands of a strong marketing partner.

“We were looking for an experienced marketing partner who could help us with digital sales and marketing. We wanted to see how far we could get with online lead generation and if we could strengthen our sales with newer business customers. Through one of our European Partners (Bila A/S), we were recommended Mindmill. They have produced great results with their campaigns in Denmark, so we thought they could do the same in Germany,” explains Marc.

Even though Kawasaki is based in Germany, they chose to cooperate with a Danish agency because of our know-how and experience with their industry and their target groups.


Based on Kawasaki’s needs, we could see a clear match with our B2B Marketing Framework, including both lead generation and lead nurturing.  They needed to extend their sales- and marketing functions with more digital activities – both to gain more followers, to better establish their brand, and to interact with potential customers through relevant content.

”Mindmill helped us with content creation, e-mail flows, and campaign execution. And once the campaign went live, there was only one thing we needed to do which was to give feedback on the quality of the lead. Of course, we were also taking care of the leads but otherwise, Mindmill was managing everything,” informs Marc.

Besides the product campaign we helped Kawasaki with, we are now working on a new digital approach before their upcoming trade show. We are going to run campaigns which focus on their presence in the trade show. Our main goal is to get participants to book sales meetings beforehand and to inform potential customers about Kawasaki’s booths to increase their visitors.


The product campaign we ran for Kawasaki was live for two months. We generated 65 leads which, by now, 5 months later, has turned into 4 sales appointments and 1 closed deal. And probably more sales will come, because modern sales processes are normally longer than just 5 months.

“We had great success with the first campaign we ran with Mindmill. And we can see the positive effects of digital marketing. It is a very cost-efficient way of creating dialogue with new potential customers. There is no doubt that we are going to use online lead generation as a key instrument when we plan new events and campaigns in the future. The combination between an offline and an online presence is the way to go for our company,” ends Marc.

The new digital approach has strengthened the coherence between sales and marketing in Kawasaki significantly. And the sales reps can really see the value in working with digital leads instead of just cold calling.

Marc, we hope to continue our cooperation for a long time and that we can increase the number of leads to a new level together.

“There is no doubt that we are going to use online lead generation as a key instrument when we plan new events and campaigns in the future.


  • Challenge New to digital marketing
  • Solution Clear match with our B2B Marketing Framework.
  • Results Strengthened the coherence between sales and marketing
  • 29. juni 2022
  • 2 minutter, 43 sekunder
Hans Løjborg
Hans Løjborg

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